Visit The Lakota Wolf Preserve

Lakota Wolf Preserve

Did you know that wolves play a huge role in the local ecosystem? You may not think about them much, but as predators, they are incredibly important when it comes to keeping other populations in check. If you want to learn more about these incredible creatures and how they live in the wild, you should schedule a visit to the Lakota Wolf Preserve. This preserve in Columbia, New Jersey, is only a short drive from home, and the whole family is going to love coming out to learn something new about these animals. Here’s what you can expect when you visit.

Educational Wolf Watch Tours

Have you ever seen a wolf in the wild? Well, you just might get to when you go on educational wolf watch tours at the Lakota Wolf Preserve. These guided tours are great because a guide can educate you about the animals while you look for them. You’ll hear the calls of several different kinds of wolves, and you may even get to learn how to identify them on your own. If you get lucky, you’ll even spot a few wild wolves! This makes for an incredible photo opportunity, and it’ll be something you remember for years to come.

Wildlife and Wolf Photography

Are you a serious photographer who wants to get some amazing shots? Then you should go on a guided photography tour. You’ll get to take pictures of individual wolves in the wild. If you are a practiced photographer, you are going to leave with some incredible shots. And with the help of an expert, you don’t have to worry about spotting them yourself – they will help you every step of the way.

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Sponsor a Wolf

It takes a lot of time, work, and money to protect the wolves in this area. If you want to support the work that this incredible organization is doing, then you should look into different sponsorship opportunities. You can feel amazing about the fact that you are doing something beneficial for the wolves of the area, and you’ll enjoy going out to see them even more. Consider sponsoring a wolf and the incredible work this organization does today!

It’s not every day that you get to see a predator in the wild, so this is definitely an opportunity you will want to take advantage of. Make plans to visit this wolf preserve today, and think about bringing the entire family along.